About Ma Music


M.A Music International is a company formed by MARION KAEMPFERT, together with ALLAN BOTSCHINSKY and JETTE BOTSCHINSKY. Allan, artistic director and chief producer, is a respected European trumpeter and composer. Jette, who sets the visual standards for the packaging, is an outstanding Danish artist, living in Kenya, Africa. Marion, daughter of the world famous composer and bandleader, Bert Kaempfert, is executive producer. She is a woman with a vision to produce first class music and to give the finest musicians in the world a possibility to work, without compromises, on unusual projects. M.A Music International was formed on June 15th, 1987. Marion Kaempfert’s production company, Flamingo Music, produced the first two albums on this label. The reaction which she got in Europe and the U.S. from various publishers and record companies encouraged her to form, together with Allan and Jette Botschinsky, a new company to continue the work on an international level. M.A aimes at producing “State of the Art in Music, Recorded Sound and Packaging”.

With their dedication to absolute top quality in every aspect of the product, M.A also has a policy of providing the consumer with the best in packaging and information. Examples of this policy are the exquisite reproductions of Ms. Botschinsky’s front cover artwork and the detailed, informative interviews accompanying each production. This commitment has required new solutions to packaging problems such as a 16 page booklet for a music cassette. The artistic philosophy of M.A Music is one which is not often subscribed to by the leaders of today’s record companies. M.A believes that the most important aspect of making recordings is the music. Good melodies and outstanding arrangements, played by the best available musicians, using the state of the art in recording technology, is perhaps not the prevalent “recipe for financial success” in the publicity oriented music industry. But it certainly is a guarantee for exceptional recordings which will find a large audience especially among those listeners dissatisfied with the present musical situation.

In a world of timid businessmen, who run most of the record companies and continually copy one another in an attempt to make sure their investments will show a proper return, M.A Music is setting out to break new ground. As an independant label, with a highly qualified and dedicated leadership, they will continue in the tradition of “First Brass”, their debut album, which has already set a new standard in brass music, crossing over into all musical styles, jazz, classical and pop.